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Friday, November 24, 2023
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Record Barrow Sale Paces Elkhart County 4-H Livestock Auction

by Jerry Goshert

Published: Friday, August 5, 2022

Helped by tremendous displays of generosity, the Elkhart County 4-H livestock auction climbed to new heights last Friday in Goshen. After the buying and selling was completed, 4-H'ers earned $1,468,495.71, far above last year's figure of $1,224,104. The previous record, from 2015, was $1,290,596.20.

New records were established for the grand champion barrow, grand champion steer, reserve champion market lamb, grand champion meat goat and several milk, poultry and rabbit sales.

The three largest sales were Liam Hodgson's grand champion barrow, Connor Hill's grand champion beef steer and Megan Kelly's reserve champion market lamb.

Hodgson, a first-year 4-H'er from Syracuse, earned $130 a pound ($31,980) for the grand champion barrow. That broke the previous record of $75 a pound, set in 2019. The 246-pound barrow was purchased by a large group of friends and family (see list at end of story).

Hill, of Wakarusa, led off the beef sale by selling his 1,155-pound Simmental steer for $19 a pound ($21,945) to supporters (see list). The previous record, from 2010, was $15.75 a pound.

Kelly, a 10-year 4-H member from Goshen, sold the 120-pound reserve champion market lamb for $100 a pound, earning $12,000 from supporters (see list).

Back in the swine sale, 195 hogs brought a record $357,240.25. Standing second in line to Hodgson's grand champion was the reserve champion barrow exhibited by Drake Risser of Goshen. The 288-pound hog was purchased for $30 a pound ($8,640) by Ryan and Amy Thwaits and the Jeff Hartzell family.

The beef auction also set a record, with 110 animals fetching $509,704. The reserve champion steer was exhibited by Danielle White of Wakarusa. Her support group (see list) paid $10.25 a pound ($13,017.50) for the 1,270-pounder.

Leading off the lamb auction was the grand champion single lamb belonging to Brandon Lehman of Topeka. He sold the 136-pounder for $60 a pound ($8,160) to Agronomic Solutions LLC, Wana Feed, ADT Farm, Miller Poultry, Interra Credit Union, Farm Credit Services, Randy Yoder/IFBI, Shipshewana Auction, White Vet Hospital, Mishler Club Lambs, Terry and Melody Ernsberger, Crop Tech, Lonnie and Michelle Bontrager, Rain Guard, Alliance Feed, Revelation Club Lambs, Middlebury Animal Clinic, Matt and Dawn Ernsberger and the Jeff Hartzell family.

Kylee Sark of New Paris sold the grand champion pen of two lambs, weighing a combined 282 pounds, for $10 a pound ($2,820). The high bid came from Ryan and Amy Thwaits, New Paris/Benton Boosters, Doug and Nancy Thwaits, Jeff Hartzell, Sorg, Moorman, Larry and Kay Schrock, and Millmark Enterprises.

Wyatt Ernsberger of Goshen was next with the reserve champion pen of lambs. Weighing 242 pounds, they fetched $19 a pound ($4,598) from KC Squared Farms, VPSI, Interra, Yoder Farm Service, Wana Feed Service, Terry and Melody Ernsberger, Martin Brothers Contracting, Aaron and Amanda Apple family, Shipshewana Auction, Agronomic Solutions and Revelation Club Lambs.

Four-H'ers sold 103 lambs, earning a record $141,047.66.

In dairy feeder calves, Raegan Kingdon of Westfield, Ind. exhibited the grand champion, which weighed 489 pounds. She received $8.50 a pound ($4,156.50) from family and friends. That list included: Ozinga Ready Mix, Dyksen and Sons, Fratco Drainage Systems, Cement Tech, Dobby Legal Group, Hoover Feeds, Don and Sally Kingdon, Beaver Materials, Tom Coy, Lydel Troyer, Mike and Becky Lee, Alex and Erica Brenneman, 1st State Bank, Redline Equipment, Ceres Solutions, Trent Hostetler, IMI Aggregates, Ken Metzler, Show Hauler Trucks, The Kingwood Group Inc.

The reserve champion dairy feeder calf was exhibited by Trey Caffee of Middlebury. He earned $6.50 a pound ($3,575) for the 550-pounder. Buyers included: Wellington and Weddell Eye Care, Beer Livestock, Spry Products, Goshen Businessmen, First State Bank, Hummel Group, Hahn Auctioneers, Brian Wuthrich, the Kingwood Group, Middlebury 4-H Boosters, Hoppers, Ken Metzler and Farm Grown Flowers.

With 134 animals selling, the dairy feeder calf sale brought in $207,628.80.

A new high-water mark was set in the market goat auction. Abigail Gall of New Paris sold her grand champion meat goat for a record $10,000 to friends and family (see list). Sage Risser of Goshen was next with the reserve champion meat goat. It sold for $750 to Ryan and Amy Thwaits.

Austin Troyer of Middlebury exhibited the grand champion dairy market goat and earned $2,400 from Chupp Auctions, Wana Feed, Hoosier House Furnishings, MA Farms, First State Bank of Middlebury and Clinton Feed Center. Colton Ewers of Elkhart sold the reserve champion dairy wether for $600 to Millmark Enterprises and Hahn Auctioneers.

A total of 124 goats were auctioned off, generating $109,830.

In the milk auction, Jordyn Lehane of Elkhart sold milk from her grand champion Holstein for $6,800. The buyers were: Rolland and Sandra Eby, Cliff and Sue Fineman, David Miller, Bob Yoder Meat and Cheese, Steve Scholl/Scholl Dairy, Dr. Robert Zell/DVM, Lorie Lehane on behalf of the Lehane family, Rose and Chris Lehane, Dan and Peggy Lehane, Dan and Peggy Bears, Scott Fervida, Ceres Solutions, Brad and Tara Thornton, Electro Freeze/Joe, Todd and Sheila Eby, Becca Eby, Gordon and Lori Stichter, ADM/Clinton Center Feed, Post family and the Mark Fineman family.

Kamryn Miller of LaGrange exhibited the reserve champion Holstein but did not sell any milk. The cow will be shown at the state fair. However, Miller offered milk from his reserve champion Milking Shorthorn and earned a record $2,300 from ADM/Clinton Center Feed, DVMS, KAEB, Lake Area Designs, Steve Schrock Excavating, Del and Geneva Miller, Elvin and Marlene Delagrange, Clinton Center Feed and the Post family.

Lydia Nisen of Goshen received $4,000 from the sale of milk from her reserve champion Brown Swiss. The high bid came from Dan and Kathy Seltenright, Ben Baier State Farm Insurance, Jim and Rachel Vallance, Beck's Hybrids, DVMS, Clinton Center Feed, ADM/Clinton Center, Kirkdorffer Trucking, Kaeb Sales, Nisen family, Kletzing family, Rupp Seeds and the Post family.

Brenden Blosser sold grand champion Ayrshire milk for $2,300 to Jet Technologies, DVMS, Richmond's Feed Service, Tom Naquin Chevrolet, Ayrlyn Ayrshires, and family and friends.

Bryce Weaver of Goshen brought the grand and reserve champion Guernseys and the reserve champion Ayrshire. He sold milk from his reserve champion Guernsey for a record $6,600 to Interra Credit Union, Yellow Creek Gravel, DVMS, Kaab Sales, Geissinger Trucking, Heritage Park Title, Hoover Lumber, Cornerstone Ag, Wakarusa Nutritional Services, Wakarusa Ag, Beck's Hybrids, and friends and family. However, Weaver is going to the state fair and did not sell milk from his other two winners.

Also not selling were Oliver Nisen of Leesburg and his grand champion Brown Swiss, and Hadley Yoder of Shipshewana and her grand champion Jersey.

Olivia Smith of Elkhart sold milk from her reserve champion Jersey for $2,200 to a support group (see list).

In other milk sales, Morgan Weddell of Goshen earned a record $4,500 for milk representing her grand champion Milking Shorthorn. Support came from ADM, Clinton Center Feed, DVMS, Gleason Industrial Products, Maurie and Dawn Kline, Kronk Farm, Lake City Bank, M&H Rentals, Madison Street Co., Wakarusa Nutritional, Bradd and Kelsey Weddell, Pete and Karen Weddell, Wellington and Weddell Eye Care, Wieland Design, Base Metal Group, and Bill and Sharon Malone.

Four-H dairy exhibitors auctioned off seven lots, raising a record $28,700.

In the poultry sale, Jackson Mitschelen of Nappanee led the way with his grand champion production poultry (Embden goose). Buyers paid $1,600. Supporters include: Heckaman Insurance Agency Inc., Wilson Lawn Care, Ash and Chad Lambright, Chuck and Darcey Mitschelen, Miller's Orchard, Randy Mitschelen, Kemp Electric and Flickinger Farms. For $220, Ian Calkins sold his reserve champion production project (Pekin duck) to Bailey's Home and Land Management.

Tucker Burkholder of Nappanee sold his grand champion Cornish cross roaster for $275 to Bill and Nancy Everett. Next was Elsie Gentz of Goshen and her reserve champion Cornish cross roaster. The high bid went to Louis Dreyfus Commodities at $230.

The reserve champion roaster brought $500 for Jack Griffith of Goshen. The buyers were Bill and Nancy Everett.

Matthew Holsopple of Millersburg auctioned his reserve champion broiler for $600 to Mike's Mower Service, Millersburg-Clinton Twp. 4-H Boosters, Millersburg Lumber Co., Aldine Holsopple, Povie and Sharon Freed, and Roger and Rhoda Yoder.

Jessie Price of Nappanee sold the champion tom turkey for $550 to Monteith Tire. Paige Jacobs, also of Nappanee, received $375 from Doug and Jeannine Schrock for the champion hen turkey. John Gall of Milford sold the reserve champion hen turkey for $200 to Matt and Lanette Kritzman and Millersburg Lumber Co.

The reserve champion duck owned by Sophia Bailey of Niles, Mich. brought a record $1,350. Her supporters include: Bailey's Home & Land, Formco, Rick Frye, Randy and Liz Yohn, Bill Evans Insurance, Keith and Kay Bailey, Tim and Shelly Markle, Conrad and Rhonda Bailey, Brad and Rebecca Showalter, Doug and Amy Gardner, and Nik and Sheila Kantz.

Makenna Miller of Nappanee sold the reserve champion goose for $375 to Doug and Jeannine Schrock. Kylor Moorefield of Goshen earned $300 from Bill and Nancy Everett for the reserve champion tom turkey.

With 221 pens sold, poultry sales accounted for $65,030 in receipts.

In the rabbit sale, Kristen Metzler of New Paris led the way with her grand champion meat pen, which brought $1,500. Her supporters included: Nelson's/Tad Gongwer, Joe's Gyros, Stan and Carol Metzler, Raindrain, Schwartz Electric, Jeff Kitson family, Interra Credit Union, Curt and Shelly Flickinger, Travis and Heidi Burns, Flickinger Farms, Advanced Solar/Glen Miller, Tom and Jan Metzler, Koontz Farms and Northern Indiana Rabbit and Cavy Club.

Also selling for $1,500, and a record, was the reserve champion meat pen exhibited by Christina Eiler of Wakarusa. The buyer was Tom Perry.

The rabbit sale featured 85 pens and a record $49,315 in receipts.

Support Groups

• Friends and Family of Liam Hodgson—Ryan Smith, Lippert, Red Rock, Crystal Valley, CGY Construction, S&H Metals, Tiffany's, Freedom Finish Works, Drew and Brittney Yoder, Tim and Tina Helmuth, CDR Construction, Lee Garner, Dr. Jeff Hartzell family, Hostetler Askew Garage Door, Shipshewana Auction, Northern Lakes Insurance, Middlebury Electric, Turtle Top, Global Link, Nic and Ashley Carlson, Agricultural Consulting, Lake City Bank, Jody Neer/Overboards, Doug and Nancy Thwaits, Northern Lakes Realty, Nelson Golden Glow, Travel Lite, Lamppa family, the Tuttle family, Herr family, Steve and Mindy Beyler, the Stuart family, Bruce and Annette Fowler, Jeff Walters, Tom and Jan Hodgson, Anne White, Susie Yoon, Heil family, Todd Cleveland, Kabe Jessup family, Staley family, the Goldenburg family, Roeder family, Wills family, the Doty family, Tom Roeder family, Jim and Karen Humble, Tim Risser, Dave and Rhonda Thwaits, John and Kaye Hull, Aircraft Charter Service, Charlie Roeder family, Mark and Diane Kritzman, Nate and Krista Shoemaker, Bryan and Kathy Ray, Mike and Annette Neff, Hometown Show Feeds, Larry and Kay Schrock, Tim and Amy Graber, Ryan and Laura Yoder family, Mybrook Farm, Billy and Krista Horn, Doug and Jeanine Schrock, New Paris Telephone, Brad and Lindsay Neff.

• Supporters of Connor Hill—Blanny, Tim Graber, Ricky Siri, ADT Farm/Gary and Patty Kauffman, Southwest Welding, Beehler family, Jarvis Livestock, Napco, Craig Resler, North American Pump Co., Northwestern Mutual/Brock Flickinger, Spraytec, New Paris Telephone, Progression Ag, Hill Cattle Co., Curt and Shelley Flickinger, Travis Hershberger, Certain Feed, Beacon Roofing Supply, Glen's Tire, Monte and Charlene Flowers family, Agriflite, Garrett and Keri Eby, Farmers Insurance/LuAnn Shaffer, Chuck Hill Trucking, Hoover Automotive, Richmond's Feed, 1st Source, Weathertite Seamless Gutters, Team Construction, Hill Brothers Construction, T Hill Excavating, Wakarusa Tree Spade/Anglemeyer Farm, Shortstop Inn, DVMS/Dr. Zell, AJ Roofing, J&N Stone, Jody and Tara Lengacher, Thompson-Lengacher & Yoder Funeral Home, Rural 1st, Dr. Hank Keller, Terry and Kim Hill, Rick and Colleen Siri.

• Friends of Megan Kelly —White Veterinary Hospital, Agronomic Solutions, Pluimer Farms, Terry Graber family, Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom, Grandma and Grandpa Kelly memoriam, Grandma and Grandpa Klein, First State Bank, Jane and Keith Hathaway, Bobby and Krystal Cutter family, Sandy and Dave Cushwa.

• Danielle White Buyers Group—Innovation Seed/Brad Anderson, Silveus Insurance, GreenMark Equipment/Dennis Dominiak, Crestview Commodities, Burnips Equipment Co., Beck's Seed, Ceres Solutions, Jeff and Kelly Lorenz, Josh and Marissa Streitmatter, Hahn Auctioneers, ADT Farm/Gary Kauffman, KPD RV Marine Auto, Kristine and Neal Littler, Todd and Krystal Clark, Garrett and Keri Eby, Agriflite, Cathy's Kitchen, Liberty Bell Farms, Team Construction, Monty and Charlene Flowers, Em's Excursions, Tim and Peggy Clark, Milford Animal Clinic, the Nine family, Jeff and Gretchen Lund, Crazy Chad's Goat Farm, Kimberly Munoz, Melissa White.

• Friends and Family of Abigail Gall—Scott and Kristen Morehouse family, Cliff and Rose Boyer, Fairland Farm/Dawn and Greg Birr, Matt and Soni Morehouse, Brent and Shanda Branneman, Ella and Trey Branneman, Brandon and Tricia Gall, Cory and Liz Kauffman, Dana and Stephanie Gall, Rick Yontz, Lydell and Karmen Troyer, Natalia Baierle, Alexandre and Whitney Baierle family, Duane and Irma Stutzman, Lee Garner, Dave Hawkins, Ryan and Stephanie Weldy, Les and Amy Hively, Megan and Jerod Erb, Denny Weldy, Marlys Prough, Mark and Diane Kritzman, Cam Boyer, Nuway Construction, Interra Credit Union, Lee and Nancy Kauffman, Kyle and Lauren Carrick, Lonnie and Michelle Bontrager, Rain Guard, Niles and Kristi Miller, Randi and Anita Yoder, Bud and Vickie Etsinger, Joe and Lavonne Warstler, Jon and Brenda Gawthrop family, Andy and Cheryl Gall, Kevin Rasler Family, Collins Lawn Maintenance, Cody and Alison Wurtzel, Jeffery Hartzell Family, Ryan and Amy Thwaits, MA Farms, Eric and Jennifer Leatherman, GBG Acres.

• Friends and Family of Olivia Smith—Hoover Lumber and Coal, Brian and Jan Ramer, Dave and Cathy Fox, Wayne and Kristi Smith, Stephen and Sonja Beck, Interra Credit Union, Ben and Ruth Ann Blosser, Dennis and Fran Smith, Joel and Helen Gentz, Jim and Anita Ramer, Dale and Grace Ramer, Richmond's Feed, Brad and Michelle Cook, Greg and Kathy Heeter, Duane and Kathy Beck, Larry and Marian Byrnes, Straight Talk Construction, Doug and Deb Scheets, Tom and Sharon Lechlitner, Gordon Family Farm, Don and Mary Ellen Florea, Dave and Mary Clark, Dan and Elizabeth Smith, Jesse and Chelsea Ramer.

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