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Friday, September 23, 2022
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Elkhart 4-H'ers Rake in $1.2 Million

by Jerry Goshert

Published: Friday, August 3, 2018

Once again, strong across-the-board support powered the Elkhart County 4-H livestock auction to its second highest total ever last Friday in Goshen. Buyers paid $1,203,659.20, second only to 2015's total of $1,290,596.

Last year's auction total was $1,166,064.96.

One of the many highlights was the sale of the 283-pound grand champion barrow, exhibited by Courtney Lengacher of Wakarusa. She earned a record $57 per pound from family and friends (see list at end of story), beating the old mark of $54 per pound. For Lengacher, a 10-year 4-H'er, the transaction was worth $16,031.95.

The 265-pound reserve champion barrow belonging to Macy Lengacher, also of Wakarusa, was auctioned for $18 per pound ($4,770). The buyers were Dr. Jeff Hartzell, Andy and Billie Roeder family and the Jim Hartzell family.

This year, 230 swine animals sold for $334,364.25.

In beef, the grand champion steer, exhibited by Brock Flickinger of Wakarusa, sold for $11 per pound ($15,510) to a support group (see list). The steer weighed 1,410 pounds.

Miles Nine of Milford auctioned his 1,300-pound reserve champion beef steer for $5.15 per pound ($6,700). Support came from the Miles Nine Support Group, which includes Ace Builders, Red Line Equipment, Shipshewana Auction, Dowty Farms, Weybright Farms, John and Brenda Gawthrop family, Eric, Chris, Westin, Carson Stutzman, Drew, Brock, Ryne Flickinger, Pleasant Ridge Farm, Brian Wuthrich, Mark and Gayla Berger, Jeff Beer family, Monte Flowers family, Tim Klotz, Jason Nine, Mary and Jerry (Grandma and Grandpa), Terry and Jessie Smeltzer (Grandpa and Grandma) and Warsaw Buick GMC.

In the beef auction, 109 steers were sold, raising $337,883.75.

Riley Graber of Goshen led the way in the lamb sale, earning $42 per pound for her grand champion market lamb. The 126-pound wether brought a total sale price of $5,292 and was purchased by Friends and Family of Riley Graber.

The reserve champion market lamb was shown by Brandon Lehman of Topeka. He earned $16 per pound ($2,064) for the 129-pounder. The high bid came from Friends of Brandon Lehman, which include Agronomic Solutions, Wana Feed, Bob Tyson, Michiana Agra, and Matt and Dawn Ernsberger.

Brandon's brother, Darin Lehman, was next with the grand champion pen of lambs. He sold the pair, weighing 245 pounds, for $12 per pound ($2,940) to Agronomic Solutions, Wana Feed, Bob Tyson, Michiana Agra, Topeka Seed and Stove, Millersburg Animal Clinic, Crop Tech, ADT Farm, Miller Poultry, and Matt and Dawn Ernsberger.

The Lehman family's success didn't stop with Brandon and Darin. Their sister, Janissa Lehman, sold the reserve champion pen of lambs, weighing 258 pounds, for $11 per pound ($2,838) to Agronomic Solutions, Wana Feed, Bob Tyson, Michiana Agra, and Matt and Dawn Ernsberger.

A total of 138 lambs were auctioned, raising $100,673.80.

This year's 4-H fundraiser featured a record goat auction. Four-H'ers sold 135 goats, beating the previous record of 130 from last year. Total dollars raised was $125,945, surpassing the old mark of $103,675 in 2017.

The grand champion meat goat was exhibited by Cade Gall of Syracuse. He earned a record $5,600 from a support group (see list). Ashlee Bish of Ligonier sold the reserve champion meat goat, which fetched $2,300 from friends and family (see list).

Caleb Miller of Millersburg sold his grand champion dairy market goat for $2,700 to a support group (see list). The reserve champion, shown by Donovan Edwards of Goshen, brought $5,000 from New Paris Telephone.

In the dairy feeder calf sale, Hannah Leatherman of Goshen was the big winner. She sold her 454-pound grand champion calf to a support group (see list) for $11.50 per pound ($5,221).

Overall, the dairy feeder calf auction saw 154 calves bring $198,417.40.

In the milk auction, six baskets of dairy products were sold, generating $15,900.

The grand champion Holstein was exhibited by Dulaney Paul of Goshen. She sold her dairy basket for $4,500 to a support group (see list). The reserve champion Holstein was shown by Lauren Hibschman of Syracuse, but she is taking her cow to the State Fair.

Also not selling were the grand champion Ayrshire, exhibited by Stephanie Newcomer of Nappanee; the grand champion Brown Swiss, exhibited by Madison Hibschman of Syracuse; the grand champion Guernsey, exhibited by Katelynn Hancock of Wakarusa; the grand champion Jersey, exhibited by Rose Thomas of Elkhart; and the grand champion Milking Shorthorn, exhibited by Dustin Kemp of Middlebury.

Ryan Blosser of Goshen sold a dairy basket from his reserve champion Ayrshire for $1,850 to Jet Technologies Inc., Dairy Veterinary Management Services, Tom Naquin Chevrolet, Ayrlyn Ayrshires, Marc, Angie and Brenden Blosser, and family and friends.

Garrett Weldy of Wakarusa earned $3,800 from his reserve champion Brown Swiss basket. The buyers included Dr. Robert and Laura Zell, Tri State Bovine Services, Wakarusa Nutritional Services, Richmond's Feed Service, Henschen Oil, Yellow Creek Gravel, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Mark McCammon, Agriflite, Interra Credit Union, Quality Window and Door, Grandma's Pantry, Nelson's, D&M Automotive, Wakarusa Sawmill, DVMS, ABBA Roll Forming, Hoover Lumber and Coal, Schwartz Electric, North Central Co-op, Sylvia Benjamin/State Farm Insurance, Helper's Barber Shop, Martin Brothers Contracting, Loucks and Weaver CPA, Wakarusa Vet Service/Dr. H. Keller, Bob and Doris Yoder, Dave and Kathy Yoder, Joe and Linda Weldy, Tim and Sally Brubaker family, In remembrance of Great Grandpa Dale Weldy, Dave and Cathy Fox, Gail Hons, Dan and Kathy Seltenright in remembrance of Howard and Marjorie Groves, Hahn and Associates, North American Pump Co., Clinton Center Feed, Roland's Meat Processing, Ron Sheets, Brown and Brown, and Jeff and Doris Biller.

The reserve champion Guernsey was shown by Stepheni Gongwer of Elkhart. She received $2,100 from Dwight and Paula Gerber, Jim and Deb Freeze/Hawkins Water Tech, Kim and Rhonda Clouse, Hank Keller, DVM, Pleasant Ridge Guernsey's, Dave and Jenny Gongwer, Crossroads Pediatric Dentistry, Wakarusa Nutritional Services, Doug and Nola Pyle, Grandpa and Grandma Wayne and Joan Gongwer, Steve and Judi Gongwer, Kirk Truex family, DVMS, Wellington and Weddell Eye Care, Nelson's, Ceres Solutions, Yellow Creek Gravel, Interra Credit Union and Hoover Lumber.

Rose Thomas sold a basket representing her reserve champion Jersey for $2,600 to Edd's Supply, Bontrager family, Bontrager Services, Greenmark, Dairy Veterinary and Management Service, Shipshewana Auction, First State Bank, Monteith Tire, Dan's Starter and Alternator, Hoover Feed Service, Mark Sellers, Gardner family, C & P Oil, Nihart Trucking, Innovation Seeds, Golden Oak Jerseys/Phil and Melissa Dowty, Maurie and Dawn Kline, and Friends of Rose Thomas.

Oliver Nisen of Leesburg sold products from his reserve champion Milking Shorthorn for $1,050 to Clinton Center Feed, DVMS, Kirkdorffer Trucking, Nisen family, Schoefernacker family, ADM and Lora Clark.

The rabbit sale raised a record $41,400 from 90 pens sold. Breanna White of Goshen led the way, selling her grand champion meat pen for $800 to Middlebury Animal Clinic. Natalie Yoder of Millersburg sold the reserve champion meat pen for $600 to A.J. Yoder Transport and Matt Kritzman.

In the poultry auction, 160 pens generated $49,075.

Poultry winners and their prices and buyers were:

• Chickens—Zachery Miller, Nappanee, champion roaster, $675 to Pine Valley Feeds, Buckeye Feeds, Tina's Studios, Reynolds Auto Repair, Topping Dental Group, MOR Custom LLC, GBG Acres and Nelson's; Luke Holsopple, Millersburg, reserve champion roaster, $1,575 (record) to Millersburg/Clinton Twp. 4-H Boosters, Millersburg Lumber Co. Inc., Millersburg Feeds, Dave and Aldine Holsopple, First State Bank, Keystone, New Horizons Aviator, Ceres, Turtle Top, Trent Hostetler, Todd Holsopple, Mindy Schlegel, Chore-Time Brock, MA Farms and Gary Miller.

• Production — Braxton Studabaker, Bristol, best of show (turkey), $1,300 to Supporters of Braxton Studabaker; Max Calkins, Elkhart, reserve best of show (duck), $300 to KLT Realty.

• Turkeys—Macee Woodworth, Goshen, champion tom, $1,100 (record), Indiana Farm Bureau/Bruce Brim, Terry and Jackie Martin, Jason and Kristin Koontz, Eric and Lori Bolyard, Shane and Ashley Fennell, Jim and Marcia Weldy, Clinton Center Feed, Phil and Marcee Flora, Dave and Amy Stanley, Ed and Cindy Parks, Doug and Carrie Weldy, Briley and Jill Lantzer, Fran Byrer, Jason Woodworth, Interra Credit Union, Kathy Fennell, Goshen Businessmen, Ryan and Stephanie Weldy, Middlebury 4-H Boosters.

• Geese—Andre Miller, Goshen, champion goose, $225 to Doug Schrock.

Support Groups

• Friends and Family of Courtney Lengacher—J&N Stone, Agrinomics, Thompson, Lengacher and Yoder Funeral Home, Nelsons, Interra, Rohr Masonry, Tim and Amy Graber, Kraig and Nicki Resler, Hometown Hog Feed, Andy and Billie Roeder, Bruce and Shelly Sanders, Topping Dental Group, Shipshewana RV Service Center, Goshen Health, Yoder Carpets, Tim Klotz, Tim and Missy Risser, Phil Hahn Auctioneers, Jon and Brenda Gawthrop, Edward Jones/Brent Bontrager, Michiana Agra, Red Rock Supply, Curt and Shelly Flickinger, Jack and Nadine Lengacher, Joe Bonacorsi, Brett and Kerri Gessinger, Betty, Charlie and Kristen Roeder, Salem Insurance, John and Jane Leavitt, Tracy and Dee Beer, Martin Brothers Construction, Steve and LeAnn Beehler, Jody and Tara Lengacher, and Silveus Insurance Group

• Friends of Brock Flickinger—Hurst family, The Donut family, Jake's Foods/Jay Rounds, Wakarusa Chamber of Commerce, Flickinger Farms LLC, Grandma Siebert, Troy Custom Built Homes, CG Seeds/Crop Tech Consulting, ADT Farm/Gary Kauffman family, Dr. Jeff Hartzell, Hometown Hog Feed, Brown and Brown General Contractors, Risser family, Jason, Britt and Miles Nine, J&N Stone, Gavin and Wyatt Erb, Mundy family, Brian Wuthrich, Chad and Amy Flickinger, Phil Tripple family, Martin Brothers Contracting, Eric, Chris, Westin and Carsin Stutzman, Zac, Brittney and Charlie Lechlitner, Monte and Charlene Flowers family, Henschen Oil, Matt Schwartz/Edward Jones, Gene and Carol Henschen, Jody and Tara Lengacher, Tim and Zach Klotz, Jack and Sally Hess, US Male, Chandler Gillam, Steve and Jeannine George, Jeanette Prenkert, Bish family, Nappanee Family Eye Care, Interra Credit Union, Wakarusa Heavy Equipment, Hoover Lumber and Coal, Phil and Mindy Lechlitner, Andy and Billie Roeder family, The Pretzel Wagon, The Berry Patch, The Best Around, Nedderman's Steak Place, Nelson's, Madeline and Morgan Gawthrop, Indiana Transport, Hahn Auctioneers, Tom and Jan Metzler, Martin's Custom Butchering, Patrick Industries, Millmark Enterprises, Shipshewana Auction, Thompson-Lengacher and Yoder Funeral Home, Wisler family, Yoder Meats Inc., Curt and Shelley Flickinger, Slabaugh Family Farms/Red Angus, Yoder Carpets, Mike and Kelly Thompson, Joe and Wendy Wisler, and Holly and Jeff McCullough

• Friends and Family of Cade Gall—Phil Hahn and Associates, All Pro, Rick Burger family, Superior Diesel, Brent and Tonda Carrick, Brad and Lesa Hooley, Lake City Bank, Shipshewana Auction, Kritzman Show Cattle, Fairland Farm/Greg and Dawn Birr, Brady and Katie Shively family, Andy and Cheryl Gall, Millersburg/Clinton Booster, Pork Producers, Doug and Carrie Weldy, Rain Guard, Adam and Megan Humbarger, New Paris/Benton 4-H Boosters, Doug and Ryan Thwaits, Dowty Farms, Yoder Carpets, Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic, Larry's Upholstery, Lar-Lee Farms, Tuckhill Farms, Bud and Vicki Etsinger, Ceres Solutions, Kevin Rhoades, Marty and Deb Gall, GBG Acres, Steve and Deb Shively, Alex and Whitney Baierle, Tom Everett, Mark and Sandy Johnson, John and Kaci Gall, MOR Custom, Yoder Farm Service, First State Insurance and Goshen Businessmen

• Friends and Family of Ashlee Bish—New Paris Telephone, Rick and Jill Erb, Becks Hybrid, Edd's Supplies, Stacey Glick, GreenMark Equipment, Hoover Lumber, Phend and Brown Inc., Mathews Farm, Jim and Kandy Walter, Tom and Sue Snider, Hawkins, Pete and Charlotte Boyd, Goshen Floral, TPC/Tisha Powell, Mike and Kathy Kauffman, Kauffman Motorsports, Robert and Amanda Kelly, Reed and Harper Kauffman, Gma Berkey, Total Property Co., (Pluimers), Milford Animal Clinic and Curtis Christophel

• Supporters of Caleb Miller—Millersburg Lumber, Platinum Hair Design, Nancy Rapp of Crane Composites-2, Millersburg Feeds, Jeff Blue of Reliance Insurance Agency, Goshen Family Cosmetic Dentistry Inc., Joann Yoder, Arnold Truhn (Dad), Susanne Truhn (Mom), Goshen Chiropractic Center, Re/Max Results/Steve Miller, Clinton Center Feeds, Homestyle Butchering, Rain Guard, MA Farms, Turtle Top and Associates, Fairland Farms/Greg and Dawn Birr, Joel Holsopple, and Millersburg/Clinton Twp. 4-H Boosters

• Friends and Family of Hannah Leatherman—Fairland Farm/Greg and Dawn Birr, Brian and Jade Landis, Neil Myers, Jeff and Sarah Irvin, Jet Electric, First State Bank, Yoder Carpets, Jane Miller, Reynolds Auto Repair, Tyler Hunter, Hawkins Water Tech, Tina's Studio, Monteith Tire, Schmucker Heating, Hopkins Metal Works, Millmark, Turtle Top, Kritzman Show Cattle, Goshen Health/Dr. Neer, Topping Dental Group, Ken Metzler, Shipshewana RV, ATC, GT Properties, Tuckhill Goat Farm, Copes Carpet Cleaning, Jerry Chisim, Goshen Businessmen, First Insurance, Aaron Barden, Edge Construction/Dave Kercher, Wana Feed, Interra Credit Union, Midwest Auto, Marty and Deb Gall, MA Farms, Calfinated Acres, Hoover Feed, Claar family, MOR Custom LLC, Abigail Claar, Glen and Steph Claar, and Pluimer Farms

• Friends of Dulaney Paul—ADM, Kindig and Sloat/Loren Sloat, Loren and Sheila Cripe, Prairie Farms, Kirkdorffer Trucking, Hershberger Heating, Dr. Max Mertz, Doyle Miller family, Rick Marquart family, Interglobe Genetics, DVMS, Yellow Creek Gravel, Henschen Oil, Topeka Ford, Dr. GW Snider, Greg Yoder, Recal Microbials, Semex, Hoover Lumber, Harland and Janet Gardner, Trent Hostetter, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Matt and Chrissy Jarvis family, Team Construction, Martin Brothers Construction, Cabin Coffee Company, Knepp Sand and Stone, Interra Credit Union, Dr. Weldy's Associate's/Dr. Jerry Sellon, David Clayton, Maurie and Dawn Kline, Hoover Feed, and Quinter and Dorothy Reed

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