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Friday, June 21, 2019
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St. Joe 4-H Auction Raises $396,000

by Caitlin Yoder

Published: Friday, July 13, 2018

The St. Joseph County 4-H Fair held the livestock auction last Friday in South Bend. There was a total of 533 lots that generated $395,978.44 for the 4-H'ers. The total is slightly more than last year's sum of $390,109.91 on 526 lots.

Jacob Leininger of Penn-Harris Twp. sold the grand champion lottery steer. The 1,365-pound animal brought $12.22 per pound of a total of $16,680, which broke the record of $10.50 per pound set in 2001. A support group (see list at end of story) purchased the animal.

The reserve champion lottery steer was exhibited by Brody Minne of Madison Twp. The 1,364-pound animal was purchased for $6.04 per pound, or $8,234 by a support group (see list).

Dustin Bartoszewicz of Olive Twp. earned grand champion for his born and bred beef. He sold the 1,302-pound animal for $5.08 per pound, or $6,610. Dustin's grand champion buyer's group (see list) of New Carlisle and 1st Source Bank of Bremen purchased the beef animal.

Reserve grand champion born and bred beef was sold by Lucas Bradshaw of Warren Twp. The animal weighing 1,313 pounds brought $3 per pound, or $3,939. Red Hen Turf Farm of New Carlisle purchased the steer.

Jacob Leininger of Penn-Harris Twp. won grand champion with his lottery starter calf. The 548-pound calf brought $8 per pound, or $4,384. Leininger's Buyers group (see list) purchased the animal.

Dewey Dolph of Olive Twp. sold the 535-pound reserve champion lottery starter calf for $1.60 per pound, or $856. McCormick Electrical Services bought the calf.

The grand champion dairy beef steer was exhibited by Sydnee Culp of Madison Twp. She sold the 1,391-pound steer to a support group (see list) for $5.07 per pound, or $7,055.

Bailey Moser of Madison Twp. showed the reserve champion dairy beef steer. The 1,456-pound animal sold to a support group (see list) at the auction for $3.93 per pound, or $5,728.40.

MaryKate Lindenman of Centre Twp. won grand champion market hog. She sold her 268-pound animal to a support group (see list) at the auction for $32.37 per pound, or $8,676.

Hannah Lindenman of Centre Twp. earned reserve champion for her market hog. The 272-pound hog sold for $6.37 per pound, or $1,732. Joel Laidig, representing Edward Jones Investments and a support group (see list) purchased the animal.

The grand champion dairy goat was exhibited and sold by Lucas Wilson of Clay Twp. A support group (see list) purchased the 77-pound animal for $12.19 per pound, or $938.60.

Lucas Wilson also exhibited and sold the reserve champion dairy goat. Dale Ashley purchased the 90-pound goat for $2.50 per pound, or $225.

Kylie Gorka of Union Twp. earned $4.89 per pound, or $440 for her 90-pound champion Boer goat. Lakeville Lions Club purchased the goat.

The reserve champion Boar goat weighed 71 pounds and was sold by Trevor Sierzputowski of Penn-Harris Twp. Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic bought the goat for $3.10 per pound, or $220.

The grand champion market lamb was sold by Bruce Van Wanzeele of Olive Twp. The 140-pound lamb earned $55.71 per pound, or $7,800. A support group (see list) and 1st Source Bank purchased the animal.

Lindsey Miller of Madison Twp. showed the reserve champion market lamb. The 141-pound animal brought $30 per pound, or $4,230. A support group (see list) purchased the lamb.

Kylie Gorka of Union Twp. won reserve champion pair of market lambs. The lambs weighing 202 pounds brought $2 per pound, or $404. Mark Getz, auctioneer, bought the animals.

Dillon Freeman won grand champion Ayrshire. He sold a gallon of milk at the auction for $800 to a support group (see list). The grand champion Holstein was also exhibited by Dillion Freeman. The milk sold for $2,550 to a support group (see list).

Dalton Freeman earned grand champion Brown Swiss and sold a gallon of milk for $1,100 to a support group (see list) and Ceres Solutions. Dalton also won reserve champion Holstein and sold the milk for $650 to a support group (see list).

Dyana O'Shea earned $500 for the reserve champion Jersey milk. David Vanwanzeele purchased the milk.

The grand champion broiler sold for $150 by St. Joseph County Food Vendors. Annamarie Veger of Liberty Twp. exhibited the animal. Veger also earned reserve champion commercial turkey, which sold for $150 to Gleaner's Life Insurance Society.

The reserve champion broiler earned Jacob Berger of Madison Twp. $1,000 at the auction. A support group (see list) purchased the animal.

Addyson Farias of Madison Twp. won grand champion with her Pekin duck. The duck sold for $120 to E.J. White of North Liberty and the Knowlton family of North Liberty.

Mia Farias of Madison Twp. earned $125 for the reserve champion Pekin duck. Dale Sommers family purchased the animal.

The grand champion commercial turkey earned Masen Beck of Greene Twp. $205 at the auction. Greene Twp. Lions Club and Greene Twp. 4-H purchased the bird. Masen also won reserve champion fancy duck, which earned him $100. Mid America Shows bought the duck.

Mehah Litteral of Penn-Harris Twp. sold the grand champion single goose at the 4-H auction. The goose brought $105 and was purchased by the Knowlton family of North Liberty.

Abigail Beck of Greene Twp. sold and exhibited the grand champion fancy duck. South Bend Ethanol bought the duck for $100.

Morgan Watkins of Liberty Twp. received $100 for the reserve champion single standard duck. South Bend Ethanol purchased the duck.

Seth Horban of German Twp. sold the grand champion meat pen rabbits for $200 at the auction. Lambert Custom Upholstery purchased the meat pen.

The reserve champion meat pen was exhibited and sold by Trevor Sierzputowski of Penn-Harris Twp. MC Rabbitry purchased the rabbits for $200. Sierzputowski also earned $150 for his grand champion Fryer. Kristin Schalliol family purchased the Fryer.

The grand champion roaster and reserve champion stewer were also exhibited by Sierzputowski. Wiley and Kelly Taco Stand bought the roaster rabbit for $150, and a support group purchased the stewer for $150.

Seth Horban's reserve champion Fryer brought $100 at the 4-H auction. Lambert Custom Upholstry purchased the rabbit.

Cory Hess of Centre Twp. won reserve champion roaster. Ceres Solutions bought the rabbit for $110.

The grand champion stewer exhibited by Alexia Wise of Warren Twp. brought $160 at the 4-H auction. Kristin Scholliol family purchased the rabbit.

Sale subtotals, by species, include: 57 beef, $139,999.95; 8 calves, $9,821; 41 dairy beef steers, $67,389.91; 33 goats, $9,083.60; 5 gallons of milk, $5,600; 57 poultry, $8,235; 47 rabbits, $5,190; 95 sheep, $49,999.25; 189 swine, $98,914.85. There were two add-ons to the total, adding $1,584.88 to the total sale amount.

Buyer Groups

Jake Leininger—Leininger Farms,

Martin's Super Markets, Gymnasts In Motion, Complexus Medical, Frick Services Inc., Zolman Tire, Beef O'Brady's- Granger, Bellman Oil Company, Synergy Insurance Group- Nate Laidig, Laurel Enterprises, Mike Berger Auctioneering, Greenmark, Louis Dreyfus, Glen's Tire, Agriflite Services Inc., CERES Solutions, Rochester New Holland, Richmond Feed Service, TC Security Co.—Tom Cook, Cavinder Mechanical, Inc.—Mike and Maria Weston, The Lake Life Realty—Paul Delano, John and Judy Marker, Dave and Rachel Dutoi, Drew Dutoi, Scott and Sheila Laidig family, Joe and Shelley Sierzputowski, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz family, Doug and Deborah DeSchepper, Wyatt Merchants- Doug Moore, Doug and Julie Moore, Dale and Marilyn Dutoi, Larry and Carolyn Ort, Ken and Hope Carbiener, Gary and Patty Bymaster, Pasquale Rulli Pizza- Mishawaka, John and Beth Raker, Martins Custom Butchering- Shane Oberholzer, Rustic Ruff Retreat- Granger, Morse Metal Fab, D and S Construction, Concrete Ideas, Bullevard Ranch Trading Co., R and B Towing, Mark Miller Painting, Generations Barber Shop- Gil Jacobsen, Chad and Katie Rink, Jay and Linda Haughee, 1st Source Bank, 20/20 Financial, Maisco, South Bend Ethanol, Hoosier Siding and Construction, DeSchepper Farm Service, Tom and Dee Fox, Joel and Kendra Laidig family, Burnips, Laidig Appraisal Group Inc., Laidig Farms, Ed and Linda Leininger, Tom and Chris Rupard, Andy and Lindsey Laidig family, Logan Endicott, Brian and Julie Mattison family, Ryan and Crystal Laidig family, Brenda and Brian Beehler family, Tom and Kate Lindenman family, Joe and Kristy Leininger family, Tom and Kathleen Lindenman Sr. family, Scott and Heidi Marker family and Clayton Jasinski.

Brody Minne—Martin's Supermarkets, Crossroads Food Animal Veterinary Service-Dr. Emilie Blough DVM, Walsh and Kelly Inc., Jan and Steve Gill, Erskine Family Dentistry, Tom Lizzi, DJ Reed Farms, John and Jeane Doktor, Marlene Kreiger, Chris and Lisa Kreiger, Scott and Heidi Marker family, Jim's Pool Service, Cindy and Joe Vandervlugt, Matt and Rachel Lechlitner family, Jerry Reed Excavating, Bill and Kelly Gallagher, Alan and Sherry Beehler, Dan and Beth Pogue family, Bryan and Julie Mattison, Steve Wilson Agency, David and Rachel Dutoi, Wyatt Merchants, Doug and Julie Moore, JEMA Academics, Marty and Susan Lake, Carol Powell, Marci and Tom Wise, JF Cattle Services-Jacob Farrer, Drew Dutoi, Jeffrey and Katie Bonadies, Dave Limbaugh, Nick Relias, John Peisker, Lynn Bauer, Jewel Properties and Maintenance, Ferguson Supply, Tony and Erin Haseley family, Lonnie Heater, Stuart Beehler, Adam and Jennifer Schmeltz, Gemmer Electric, Tyler Schmeltz, Jay Carbiener, Midwest Tile and Concrete Products Inc., and Mom and Dad.

Dustin Bartoszewicz—David and Kelli Bartoszewicz and Boys, Gene Bartoszewicz, Gibson and Lewis, Rick Galvas, Gavilon Grain, Rick's Auto Body, Doyle and Sheila Crowe, Keith and Danielle Countryman, Aaron Mrozinski, Stu Beehler, Ron's Service , Frick Services, Ken and Lisa Bartoszewicz and Ken, Rick and Laura Bladecki, 1st Source—Adam Schmeltz, Dave and Rachel Dutoi, Evelyn Swizek, Doug Boocher, Molnar Septic, Dave and Marilyn Miller and Lindsay, D and M Propane, Justin and Kari Zell family, Bradshaw Brothers, Marc and Kelly Mrozinski, Dewey Dolph and Family, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Greg and Shawnie Sebasty, Mark and Angie Davis and Kids, Brandie and Dave Povlock and family, Marty and Danica Abegg, Corey Jesswein, Pepsi Beverages, Concept Creations Development, Jesswein Farms, Zahl's Elevator, Roger and Cyndy Keeling, Mike and Kelly Carrico, and Veronica Couts.

Sydnee Culp—Tom Lizzi, Jared and Rueben Borkholder—Mullet Fencing, Jay Carbeiner, Wygant Floral, Out On A Limo, Car Quest, Grandma and Grandpa Culp, Mark and Lari Moser, Lochmandy Motors, Jerry Reed Excavating, Jon Moser, 1st Source Bank, Koby and Whitley Moser, Clover Machinery, Frick Services, Joe Graff, Redcorns Repair, Jennings Insurance, Olde District 5, Mike Moser Family Farm, Grandpa Mike and Grandma Chelle, Lester Moser, Wakarusa Nutritional Services, Cabanaw Window Cleaning, Wyatt Beef and Brew, Vince Hoffman, Specialty Hybrids—Brandon Noe, Agri Gold Seed, Yoder Oil, Wooden Peel, Kris Moser and family, Woodies Super Market, Dusty Verhaeghe—Pioneer Seed, Lonn Reinhardt Drywall, Cabo Plumbing Service, Andy Laidig—Dekalb Asgrow Seed, GenTech, Digger Specialty, Wyatt Merchants, Doug and Julie Moore, Farm Bureau Ins., Scott Laidig—Pioneer Seed, Ryan Lizzy and Kathy Spriggs, Calvin Johnson—State Farm Ins., Dr Wanda Schmeltz, Kortny and Emily Moser family, Jeff and Luann Lizzi, Travis and Miranda Hershberger and Caleb Miller.

Bailey Moser—Superior Tool and Die, Mike Moser Family Farm, Olde District 5, Clover Machinery Movers, Lester Moser and Sons Trucking, Wygant Floral, Carquest Bremen, Mullet Fence, 1st Source Bank, Jennings Insurance, Jp Lp Gas, Cabinaw Window Cleaning, Wakarusa Nutritional, Farm Bureau—Andy Beitter, Wyatt Beef and Brew, Wooden Peel, Brandon Noe—Specialty Seed, Wyatt Merchants, Badlands, Andy Laidig—Dekalb Asgrow Seeds, Yoder Oil, Agri Gold Seed, Dusty Verhaeghe Pioneer Seed, Frick Services, Woodies Supermarket, Annie Wood family, Jerry Reed Excavating, GenTech Seed, Scott Laidig Pioneer Seed, Jay Carbeiner, Grandpa Mike and Grandma Chelle, Grandpa Lester, Kellie and Jason Culp family, Kortny and Emily Moser, Koby and Whitley Moser, Vince Hoffman, Tom Lizzi, Ryan Lizzi and Christin Spriggs, Doug and Julie Moore, John and Jill Yeager, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Jerry and Shirley Campbell, Steven and Sandy Moser family, John Moser, Mark and Lari Moser, Joe Graff, Mitch Yoder, Aaron Wood, Cabo Plumbing Service, Redcorn's Repair, Calvin Johnson State Farm Insurance, and Glamour Salon.

MaryKate and Hannah Lindenman—Arkos Design, Bob Frame Plumbing, ChemServe Farm Supply, Community Wide Federal Credit Union, Concept Creations Development Inc.—Dennis Murphy, D and M Propane, Dr. A.J. Mencias, Dr. Elizabeth Lindenman, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Edward Jones Investments—Joel Laidig, Frick Services, House of Andala Lamp Shoppe, Industrial Metal Fab, Laidig Systems, Merck Animal Health Products—Jeff Leininger, M.R. Smith Heating and Cooling, Palmer Funeral Homes, Pepsi Beverages, Pioneer Seed —Scott Laidig, Regional Turf, Reinhardt Construction, Remax 100—Lance Roush, Scooter Warehouse, Southwire, Whispering Pines Lawn Care, Bill and Jan Killilea, Tom and Kathy Lindenman, Jeff and Sally Anglemyer, Eugene Bartoszewicz, Mark Berger family, Mike Berger family, Jay Carbiener, Karol Carbiener, Ken and Hope Carbiener, Connie Clauson, Don and Jeanne Deam, David and Rachael Dutoi, Bonnie and Steve Hart, Tony Haseley family, Denny and Linda Hockney, Tim and Kathy Jaworski, Michael and Julie Jasinski, Kevin and Kathy Killilea, Bob and Toni Kowalski, Andy Laidig family, Brent and Hilary Laidig, Joel and Kendra Laidig, Ryan and Crystal Laidig, Tim Laidig family, Chuck and Pam Lindenman, David and Kim Livaudais , Tom Lizzy, Gregg and Sandy Maggioli, Brian and Julie Mattison, Scott Marker family, Heather Maxwell family, David and Marilyn Miller, Doug and Julie Moore, Debbie Mrozinski, Larry and Carolyn Ort, John and MaryAnne Plant, Dan and Beth Pogue, Toni Shafer family, Larry and Susie Stamm, and Nancy Sweitzer.

Bruce VanWanzeele—John and Mom, Workman Concrete, Grandma and Grandpa Kelley, Mick and Bunny, Knoll Bros, Mike Pilarski, Clearwater Well and Kelley Farms.

Lindsey Miller—Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, John and Lori Mrozinski, Steve and Jan Nelson, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Susan, Doug Deschepper family, Bickle Brothers, D and M Propane, Mom and Dad, Tony and Erin Haisley, Dave and Rachel Dutoi, Matt Lechlitner family, Frick Services, Grandma and Grandpa Declark, Grandma Miller, Uncle John and Aunt Chris, Scott Marker family, Tim Nelson, Randy and Thelma Reed, Jennifer and Jacob Berger, Wyatt Merchants, Doug and Julie Moore, Mike and Ann Bromley, Greg and Sheila Haas, S and B Kessler, and Tom Lindenman family.

Dillon Freeman—St. Joseph County Dairy Assn., Dairy Veterinary and Management Services, Zimmerman Sales and Service, Wakarusa Nutritional Services, Hoover Feed, Kaeb Sales and Service, Tri-State Bovine Hoof Trimming, Gutwein Dairy Consulting, Auto Park Ford Bremen, Mercer Landmark, Farm Bureau Insurance, Semex—Lauren Jernas, Farmer's Mutual, Bellman Oil Co., Glen's Tire, S T Genetics—Mark Devitt, Frick Services, Clyde and Tami James, Wykoff Hybrids and Ceres Solutions.

Dalton Freeman—St. Joseph County Dairy Assn., Hoover Feed, Dairy Veterinary and Management Services, Wakarusa Nutritional Service, Ceres Solutions, St. Joseph County Dairy Assn., Mercer Landmark, Farmer's Mutual, Bellman Oil, In Memory of Grandpa—Elnora Freeman and family, In Memory of Frank and Katherine Besinger.

Dyana O'Shea—St. Joe County Dairy Assn., Bruce Van Wanzeele, Greg and Kathy Klopfenstein, Bobbi Klopfenstein, and Mike and Penny Van Wanzeele.

Jacob Berger—Grandma and Grandpa Reed, Grandma and Grandpa Jackson and family, Mark, Suzie, Mary and Sarah Muszynski and KJ Karezewski, Mom, Great Grandpa Reed, Tim Nelson, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Edward Jones-Joel Laidig, Farm Bureau Inc., Jay Carbiener, Kevin and Laura Paprocki, Mark Getz-Auctioneer, Toni and Dena Shafer, David and Rachel Dutoi and family, Roger and Kay Mutti, Dennis and Nancy Dolph and family, Cortney Nellis, Alan and Joann Nichols and family, Dean and Cheri Dolph and family, Joe and Doreen Graff and family, Ken and Sandi Kleine and family, Dean and Cheri Dolph and family, and Ken and Alice Ballard and Zachary.

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