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Friday, July 31, 2015
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Price per Lot Rises at Whitley Auction

by Shelby May

Published: Friday, July 30, 2010

Although there were 65 fewer lots in Whitley County's 2010 4-H Auction, over 350 buyers participated in supporting the 4-H community and broke two previous records.

The grand total of last Thursday's auction was $336,902.21, which was $38,030.00 less than 2009's auction. However, the average individual price of items increased. This is also only the second year that all lots were auctioned off by the head rather than the pound.

Both the grand champion market lamb and the king's kiss broke previous records.

The grand champion market lamb belonged to Megan Schroeder, daughter of Mark and Rebecca Schroeder of Albion. Her lamb sold for $2,650, or $19.34 per pound, and was purchased by Grandma and Grandpa Schroeder.

The previous record was held by Jacob Meinika in 2003. His lamb sold for $18.75 per pound.

The Whitley County 4-H King, Jeffrey Gruttert, sold a kiss to a large group of buyers for $2,415. Jeffrey is the son of Mike and Michelle Grutteret of Columbia City. The kiss was received by Sydney Pequignot.

The previous record for king kiss was held by Adam Hoffman in 2008. His kiss was sold for $2,250.

The 2010 Whitley County 4-H Queen, Amy Wagoner, was also the 2010 Whitley County pork queen. Wagoner sold two kisses during the auction for her two titles. Her kiss as queen sold for $1,210 and was purchased by Joe and Jane Wagoner, her parents of Columbia City. The kiss was received by her father, Joe.

Wagoner's kiss as pork queen sold for $1,000 to Joe and Jane Wagoner and Lawyer's Title Company.

The highest selling animal in the auction was the grand champion steer. Robby Sheets, son of Shawn and Jennifer Sheets of Columbia City, sold his animal for $6,670, or $5.09 per pound. It was purchased by many buyers, including Jim Argerbright, Star Financial Bank, Central States Enterprises, Shipshewana Livestock, Troxel Equipment, Hair Happening, Travis and Adelle Baker family, Schrader Real Estate, Ag Plus Inc., ADM Alliance Nutrition, Al's Produce, Zumbrun Show Stock, Bayman Auctioneers, Morsches Lumber Co, Krider Meat Processing, Manchester Vet Clinic, Jeff and Darleen Clack, PNC Bank—Churubusco, Cox Farm, State Farm Insurance/Becky Curless, John Leedy family, Waugh Farm Drainage, Hauth Hyndman Cattle and Friends of Robby Sheets.

The champion Simmental and champion rate of gain steer was shown by Megan Schroeder.

It was purchased by Beck's Hybrids/Steve Cormany, Cormany Farms Inc., Grandpa and Grandma Jacobs and Grandpa and Grandma Schroeder for $1,700 or $1.25 per pound.

The champion Shorthorn, champion British breed and champion bred, born and raised was sold by Brad Johnson of Larwill. He is the son of Chad and Gina Johnson. The steer sold for $1,750, or $1.41 per pound, and was purchased by Kim Wheeler and Friends and Family of Johnson Brothers.

The grand champion dairy steer was the second highest selling lot of the day. Joshua Trabert sold the steer for $4,450, or $2.89 per pound. Trabert is the son of Kirk and Pat Trabert of Columbia City. The steer was purchased by Farmers Grain and Feed Co., Trabert Pioneer Seed Service, Doug Western, Ag Plus Inc. and Kirk Trabert/Agro-Chem.

The dairy supreme grand champion sold cheese in the auction. Cory Studebaker, son of Randy and Tammy Studebaker of South Whitley sold cheese for $1,300. It was purchased by DQ Grill and Chill, South View Farms, Beck's Hybrids/ Steve Cormany and Cox Farm.

The grand champion barrow belonged to Courtney Schinbeckler. The animal will be shown at the Indiana State Fair, so it was not sold in the auction.

The reserve barrow was shown by Jacob Leedy, son of John and Sherie Leedy of Columbia City. It was sold for $1,500 or $5.45 per pound. The hog was purchased by the John Leedy family, J and J Insurance, Micropulse Inc., Western Farms, Beck's Hybrids/ Steve Cormany, ADM Alliance Nutrition, Waugh Farm Drainage, Gary Boggs and family and Mega Bucks Pig Sale.

The champion meat of pen rabbits was shown by Joel Genth. Genth is the son of Phillip and Karyle Genth of Columbia City. The rabbit was purchased for $1,050 by the Phil Genth family.

The reserve champion rabbit meat pen belonged to Kayla Rothgeb, daughter of Mike and Melisa Puckett of Columbia City. The reserve rabbit brought $150 and was purchased by Roger Miller.

The grand champion feeder calf was shown by Erica Nicodemus but was taken home in preparation to be shown at the Indiana State Fair.

The reserve champion feeder calf was sold by Blake Reust for $700. Reust is the son of Tony and Karen Reust of Columbia City. The calf was purchased by Arden Schrader.

In the poultry category, the champion roas ter, shown by Madison Barshaw, brought the most money. Madison is the daughter of Darren and Gayle Barshaw of Columbia City. The champion roaster sold for $350 to Clayton Garden Center and Eason Horticultural Resources.

Andrew Leeuw showed the reserve champion roaster chicken. Leeuw is the son of Joseph and Amy Leeuw of Churubusco. The chicken sold for $100 and was purchased by the Leeuw family.

The title best of show went to the champion meat duck shown by Jarrett Ocken. Ocken is the son of Jay and Lyn Ocken of South Whitley. The duck sold for $200 and was purchased by Bishop Family Farms.

Courtney Wait's reserve champion meat duck brought $125 in the auction. Wait is the daughter of Shawn and Teresa Wait of Columbia City. Her duck was purchased by Ag Plus Inc.

The reserve best of show was the champion hen turkey. The turkey is owned by Mikaela Michel, daughter of Rick and Dawn Michel of Columbia City. The turkey sold for $725 and was purchased by the Phil Genth family.

The reserve champion hen turkey belonged to Rachel Hartman, daughter of Jim and Cherie Hartman of South Whitley. The turkey was purchased by W & W Locker for $100.

Adam Bernhard's champion goose sold for $100 to Studebaker Farms. Bernhard is the son of Tom and Joyce Bernhard of Columbia City.

Sydney Nix sold the champion Boer wether for $550. Nix is the daughter of Chad and Stephanie Nix of Columbia City. The goat was purchased by her parents.

The champion dai r y whether belonged to Brittney Zolman and sold for $250. Zolman is the daughter of Tad and Kim Zolman of Columbia City. The goat was purchased by Beacon Credit Union.

Allissa Peterson's reserve champion dairy wether sold for $175. Peterson is the daughter of Brad and Kendra Peterson of Kimmel. The goat was purchased by Kenneth Kerch.

The best in show and senior doe was shown by Taylor Eberly, who is the daughter of Tony and Annette Eberly, South Whitley. The goat sold for $100 and was purchased by Whitley County 4-H Buyers.

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